Our Favorite…So many uses, so easy to carry!

Don’t let the lightweight fool you, this glove is extremely versatile.

Why do we call it the Day Glove? Think of all of the germ filled things we touch everyday…

Gas pumps, ATM’s, Remote controls, Public bathrooms, menu’s, door handles and the list goes on and on. Now, think about this…how often do you think those things are really cleaned. For many of them it’s never! And we have no choice to touch them.

But now you can touch them all while fully protecting yourself. This day glove is so easy to carry in your purse, pocket, car…Heck keep one everywhere you are, and it is so easy to slip on and off.

Get them for the whole family. They are a must when you travel

So what if you look like Michael Jackson, you are protecting yourself and staying healthy!

Available in:

1 pair 3pair 6 pair



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